Tech Editing

Hello, designers!

You've envisioned, designed, and written it. Now it is time to put on the finishing touches before publication. As a tech editor, I prefer to leave the design elements to you, though I may make suggestions from time to time. My job is to make sure your pattern is organized, accurate, and ready to be shared with the world!


Do your sizes agree with CYC standards, and will they work up the way you mean them to.

Does everything add up?

Do your abbreviations, symbols, fit, etc. agree with the standards for knit and crochet patterns?

Is your pattern easy to understand and follow?

Copy editing
Are there typos, inconsistencies, or grammatical errors?

Are all charts, photos, text boxes, and important information arranged in a logical and visually appealing manner?


As a tech editor "in training", I am offering a temporary rate of $12/hour to gain more experience.

Other info

Unless otherwise requested I refer to the CYC for standardizations. If there are standards you would prefer to have your pattern checked against, please let me know.
I usually use track changes to edit patterns, but if you prefer another method, just let me know.

About me

15 years ago my mom taught me to crochet dishcloths. Soon I was making clothes for my stuffed animals, bags, headbands, anything that could be made out of string. I couldn't get I taught myself to knit. A few years later I visited my very first LYS and was offered a job by the owner after showing off my most magnificent project yet, a crocheted, 1920's style dress.
I worked at that LYS for the next 2 years; teaching classes, helping customers with their knitting problems, and trying every technique in sight. Eventually I began to design a few of my own patterns. Between all of that, and being a grammer nazi (aka: former English major), tech editing for knit and crochet designers suits me very well. I look forward to helping you make something amazing!

For more information contact me at

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