Friday, May 25, 2012

New Look!

My blog has a new look! I decided it needed to be a tad more polished. The header photo is a camisole I designed, modeled by my knitting/designing buddy, Jessica from Still need to work up that pattern...
Anyhow, I've got more posts on the way, it's just that all those pesky photos need to be downloaded and edited so I don't bore everybody to tears. I guess I'm just a binge blogger when it comes to pictures. I like to shoot a bunch of projects before I go to the trouble of editing them. Then once I've got a nice queue of posts they get released periodically.
In my defense my poor old macbook is bogged down with loads of photos and enough English papers to sink a ship. Time to start putting them on my husband's computer.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Mrs. Nelson!! I posted something for the first time in ages and thought I'd pop over here and say HELLOOOO! I made pumpkin puree today and I'm super duper happy about it. :) I love doing things for the first time on my own. I've been a crazy baking lady, lately and I'm having a blast! And guess what! I've made a break through on a decent chocolate chip cookie and I'm going to tweak the recipe today to see if I can come up with a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. YUM. Also, I want to REALLY hear how you're doing, we should skype soon! Love you! -Rachel